tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Some mixed stuff!

Its getting autumn here and the days get colder and gray,
Now its the time to get those large in-progress tattoos finnished!
Here is a few photos of the latest works from our part of the hood!

 Koi-fish on the stomach tattooed by Alex,
This guy, jimmy, also got his back tattooed by Tony for about 5 years ago,
 Tonys work, 2006

And some nice Hannya-chest by Andreas,
 ..and Koi arm on the same client,

...and some beautiful peony-flowers on a woman by Elin,

...finally some photos of Alex airbrush-work and sculptures,  they are not new, but we found them in the files here, so we like to share...they look awsome!  Enjoy!

Mini-sculptures and airbrush-work by Alex

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