lördag 8 oktober 2011

Finally an update in our blog! All of us are having really busy days!

Yes, We know!   We suck on updating our blog!!
All of us at the shop are very busy with alot of projects, tattooing, painting, building motorcycles and Tattoo-Machines, so the time to sit down in front of the computer is abit limited!
But, here we go, with some updates what we do, tattoo-related or not....

 Elin is tattooing full-time and divides her time between being a mom, tattooing, painting and all the other bits and pieces we have to deal with on a daily-basis...in other words...very busy!!  
You can see some of the paintings in the section "art/paintings for sale",
if you want to buy a print by elin, just email us and we send you the details!

The latest painting by Elin.

Alex is also tattooing 5 days a week, having some really big pieces to work on, backs, full-sleeves and a couple of japanese bodysuits, the rest of the few hours left every day and the weekends, alex is busy building tattoo-machines and testing them out, he is doing great machines for the needs in the shop, powerful smooth-hitting machines for large magnum-setups and liners to pull those 14-18 liner-needles smoothly,
it has been alot of work for alex for the last 6 months...trial and error, testing and redoing, to finally get them exactly how he wants them and every part in balance with eachother, Alex is a perfectionist in everything he does, its a joy to see him working on either tattoos or pre-sketches, tattoo-machines or sculptures!

The workshop for making bike-parts and tattoo-machines.
 but...there is always time for a Duff!!

 One of Alex latest works in the tattoo-shop!  Its an amazing piece!!!

Andreas is a true work-horse, he is the one keeping the shop open between 12-19, 5 days a week,
a tattoo-artist with old-school values and a deep love for the traditional old-school japanese tattoos ,
he is painting every single day for a few hours in the evening and besides that doing the sketches for the tattoo-clients!   Andreas lives tattooing 24/7! 
Here is some of his nice paintings, if you are interested in buying any, just email us and we provide all the info!

I (Tony) is not tattooing anymore, but I am still in the shop everyday taking care of the business,
Im still painting from time to time, but not as much as before!
The big passion at the moment for me, is to build low-budget "Brat-style" Bobbers, based on easily avaiable japanese motorcycles,  I lived from time to time in Japan for quite a few years and spent alot of time drooling over the japanese Bobbers, especially the thumpers, large 1-cylinder engines with incredible sound,
very cool and perfect bikes to use as bar-hoppers!
My friend, atari, has a brother who owns a bike-shop, so we used the bikes from his shop to go up on the windy mountain-roads around Kobe-city and Kyoto.
A wonder that I live today, Atari is a fast biker, and left-hand traffic is not the smoothest on earth for a european!   Anyway, ever since then, I wanted to have one, and to build it myself with cheap material that could be modified into something cool, here is a few photos on what i am up to,,,,

Suzuki 650 Thumper, based on a boring Suzuki Savage, S40, lowered forks and completely cleaned up, the inspiration for this one is the brat-style bikes that can be seen on the streets of shibuya or shinjuku in Tokyo, a very fun bike to build...and even more fun to ride...really nice low-end torque in those engines! True tattoo-style bobber!

Another photo of the bike, this time with a short rear-fender on, the brackets are hidden behind the shocks

...with my friends Porsche...looks sweet!!

my home...

The new project..a Dragstar Classic, in the making...dont know how it will end up looking yet,
except that it is going to be low and fat, forks will be lowered and the rear shock moved forward in the frame.

I hope you enjoyed to see what we are up to, at work and off work!

If you want a tattoo, a bobber-bike, a new power-tattoo machine or a painting, just drop us an email,
thanks alot!!

Cheers!!  :)

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