torsdag 25 oktober 2012

Eindhoven Tattoo Convention 3-4 Nov 2012

Alex will be attending and working at the Eindhoven Tattoo Convention 3-4 Nov
See you there, Holland!

fredag 19 oktober 2012

For more and faster updates, visit our page on Facebook

We are abit lazy to update this homepage frequently,
so if you like to see more what we are up to,
then visit our Facebook page:  Tattooworld Höör
,click "Like" on it and you will automatically be updated in your newsfeed
whenever we post some new photos!
Todays technology is fantastic!!  :)  Tjohhooo!

Female Tattoo & Art Exhibition 2012

Elin will be attending the annual "Female Tattoo & Art Exhibition" in
Jönköping 26-28 October!
For more info, visit:
Dont miss out on this cool little happening, its only female artists working!
See you there, folks!

torsdag 18 oktober 2012

New Japanese-style back-piece started by Andreas

Andreas started a really nice new japanese-style backpiece,
this is as far as they came on the first session,
5,5 hours.  Enjoy!
Demon fighting a tiger, powerful!  Gonna be awesome
when its finnished!   Stay tuned for more updates!

Some random new stuff from us!

Some random new stuff from us!
First off is Alex latest works!
 3/4 japanese sleeve finnished, the inside this session
 Work in progress by Alex
Alex work in progress
Andreas latest works
 Japanese back-piece in progress by Andreas
 Skulls,roses and water in full colour by Andreas
Andreas work
The latest works from Elin
 Finally finnished!  Tjohoo!! :)
Work in progress by Elin