måndag 29 november 2010

Andreas and fellow tattooartist Tacuabe Gonzalez will visit Filip Leu this weekend!

Andreas and Tacua will fly down to Switzerland this weekend and meet the tattoo-master Filip Leu in his tattoostudio in St.Croix, we will post some photos from the trip later next week when they are back!
They are also visiting the Gieger museum, Rinzing and Wido de Marwal in Lausanne!
Great inspirational trip for Andreas who is doing alot of japanese-style work!
So stay tuned for the photos from the trip!

Alex tattooing Tonys back, 5th Session!

Alex did another session on Tonys back yesterday, this is the result so far! It will reach from the neck down to the back of the knees, so there is awhole lot more to do!  It will look awsome, solid thick 18-needle lines and alot of black, the way we like it!!!  :)   Enjoy!

fredag 26 november 2010

Gift-cards for Christmas!

We are as always selling gift-cards for christmas, so if you want to give your loved ones a permanent christmas-gift this year, just come in and get one!  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!