onsdag 30 maj 2012

Finally some update in our blog!

It has been awhile since we updated our blog here, most of the updates we do is on our facebook-page: TattooWorld Höör
Here comes a few updates on what we have been up to,
First off...some new prints that Elin has painted, if you want to buy those prints,
just call the shop, they are cheap, 400 Kr for a set of 5 A3! a bargain!
A few of the prints from Elins set

And also some tattoos that Elin has been working on,

And some really nice sketches for tattoos and ideas

Elins sketches

Alex has also been busy with tattooing, painting and some travelling,
here comes some of Alex latest stuff!

And some sketches by Alex just for fun, japanese cartoony style, pretty cool!

Andreas has also been very busy, as always!
Here comes a few of Andreas latest work!

 Andreas Tattoos

Tony has been busy building a bike for a client, based on a Yamaha dragstar (v-star) Classic
and also been travelling to meet with some friends and family in China and Taiwan,
here comes a few photos of the bike and travels,
It started out like this
and went in this direction, until we changed our minds, 
..and did it like this, bobber style with apehangers.

Tony and tattoo-artist YL in Shanghai, China

Tony and 'Rainbow-man', a 90-year old painter in Taichuing, Taiwan

Thats about it for this time, hope you enjoyed the photos and 
our 'whereabouts',  see you soon!