söndag 19 februari 2012

Old Japanese photos of irezumi

We thought we want to share some really cool old photos from Japan, early ca 1900-1930
The tattooartists are unknown and long gone, but the photos remains!
True piece of art and proud craftmanship, this is the real thing, uncut!
 Unknown Tattoo-artist, ca 1900, Japan

Unknown Tattoo-Artist, ca 1900, Japan

Tattoo-Artist unknown, 1995, Japan

ca 1900, Japan

Shoko Tendo, Writer of the book 'Yakuza Moon', Tokyo, Japan, 2000

Tattooed man in the red-light district of Tokyo, Kabuki-cho, ca 1950

Tonys friend Chiaki at work, Japan, 2005

I hope you all get inspired by these beautiful photos and can feel the pride, patience, dedication
 and amount of work that is behind creating these beautiful pieces,
Its a prefect example of that tattooing is NOT a fashion-thing, if we choose
designs and placement wisely, Go BIG is the keyword! 

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