tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Added Tattoo Links to Horiyoshi, filip Leu and Shige

We have added some new Links to some of the most influental Tattoo artists in the world when it comes to modern japanese tattooing.

First off is Horiyoshi 3 in Yokohama Japan, he dosent need any introduction, everyone who is interested in japanese tattooing knows that he is the man who has been pushing the limits for the art of irezumi for the last 30 years, check out his work and get inspired, it cant get any better than this when it comes to traditional japanese bodysuits! He is the biggest resource of inspiration for the japanese style of tattooing done in the west nowadays and many big names in tattooing is using his style of work! Enjoy it!

Second off is the legendary Filip Leu from Switzerland who is inspired by the old traditional Tattoo artists in Japan,  but do it in his own supercool style,  large and easily readable work rendered technically and artistically to perfection.  Filip is definitely in his own league and miles ahead of most of us, check out his work!

Third off is Shige from Yellow Blaze studio in Motomachi Yokohama Japan,  Shige is very infuenced by Filip Leus work but still manage to do it in his own unique style,  very impressive and a pleasure to watch!

We hope this links will inspire you to think about your own tattoos and get inspired to go bigger when it comes to the japanese style,  it takes some time to get a full back or full sleeves,  but the final results is worth every second and effort!
 Think well before you get your new tattoo done,  both how you want the final look to be, not just for the moment, but how you want it to look in the future, do you want full sleeves?  Then start off with a full sleeve in mind, and not add random pieces that are difficult to connect later on in a nice way, if you plan it as a full sleeve but only do the upper part, then the rest can be added and fit perfectly whenever you want to continue! and second, check out the artists that are working in the style that you like, choose them carefully and pick the one that you feel is the right one!
The same designs will look completely different from 2 different artists, keep that in mind and choose wisely!
Google info about your designs, what should go well with a koi fish?  How should the samurai look like? What style of dragons do I like? The answers to these questions you can find if you look through the japanese tattoo artists portfolios on their homepages, they dont mix designs randomly, there is a meaning behind most of it, and the way they mix the designs is the correct way!  Koi fish goes well with maple leaves...etc etc...
Even thou we are not japanese, its still nice to do it in the correct way, its a great deal of money and blood, sweat involved...so why do it wrong??   
Another golden rule when it comes to japanese tattooing and why it looks so impressive,   is simply that "less is more" !  Too much stuff just makes it look messy,  so go simple!

Enough blabbing now,  enjoy the links to these outstanding artists!

söndag 24 oktober 2010

Alex and Filip Leu

Alex is just back again after a weekend with the tattoo-master Filip Leu in Switzerland!    Full of energy and new ideas, and is ready to rock n roll!     Alex travelled with another tattooartist, Sören Lind from Copenhagen Denmark, who just finnished his arm with filip!   Sören is not only a great guy, he also has some really nice tattoos both from Shige in Yokohama Japan and Filip Leu! They both had a great time and visited Vido de Marwal in Lausanne and also Rinzing who now runs the (old) Leu Family Iron studio.
A great experience and very inspirational for Alex who is now doing bigger and bigger Japanese tattoos.

Elin will be at Female Tattoo & Art Expo in Jönköping!

Elin will be working at "Female Tattoo & Art Expo in Jönköping 29-30 October, this is a very cool idea, a Tattoo-Show with only female artists, you can read more about the event here http://www.femaletattooart.se/
If you want a tattoo by Elin at the Show, just email her at elintwhoor@gmail.com, See you there!!


The biggest news to start off with is that we finally pulled us together and created a page for people to see what we are doing!  That was about time!!  The old page was done in 2004 and never updated!
Well...we are artists, abit lazy, and so on...but...now its here!! 
This page is intended to just show a few samples of what each artist is doing and his/her personal style,
and will not be updated very regular, so for all the latest news and photo updates, go to each artists personal blog!  We will try to keep them updated a few times a week.
We hope you enjoy this new page and blogs as much as we do!   Any feedback is very much appreciated!
Take good care and we hope to see you soon!