torsdag 9 december 2010

Weekend with Filip Leu in Switzerland!

Andreas and Tacuabe Gonzalez are now back from a wonderful inspirational trip to the famous Leu Familys Tattoo Studio in Switzerland!  Tacuabe got an incredible piece of art on his upper leg/ ribs, a huge hannya-face and supercool japanese waves, in respect to Tacua and his original Tattoo, we will not show photos of the tattoo here, as we all know, internet is the great source for copying other peoples work!
Here comes a few photos from the trip, first off is the beautiful snowy home-willage to the famous Leu family!   A small nice willage up in the mountains!  St.Croix is the name of the place!
And here is some photos of the master in action!   enjoy!
Filip and his mother Loretta Leu
Andreas and Tacua also took the opportunity to visit the legendary Giegers mueum in Switzerland,
awsome, supercool place!!

Thats about it for now, and remember, For those about to bleed, We salute you!!  :)

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