fredag 10 februari 2012

2012- We are all back in the shop from holidays and travels!

We are now all back in the shop working, after the holidays and travelling,
2012 is the year of the dragon, so first out is a photo of Alex working on a very nice dragon-backpiece!

Tattoo-artist Ivo has also visited us, and stayed in Sweden for a weeks,
getting some work by Alex, that they started last spring at the Copenhagen Inkfest convention!

Ivo getting tattooed!

Close-up photos of Ivo's incredible back tattooed by Alex!

The front is also tattooed by Alex for many years ago, looks very nice!!

Tony and Elin has been travelling in south-east Asia, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia,
getting some buddhistic protection tattoos by hand, and visit some fellow tattoo-artists and shops!
Here are some random photos, nice escape from the swedish winter-cold!

Elin, Si and Tony at Jay´s Tapear Tattoo shop on Phi Phi Island

Inside the Tapear Tattoo Shop on Phi Phi

Beautiful Thailand

The Art of Bali, Indonesia, what an incredible island!

Tony tattooing tattoo-artist Bow in their local tattoo-place up in the mountains in Thailand!
Very primitive, but cool place, with alot of art and artists living together!
This is as far we came this time, we continue next winter!

Lazy January day in Thailand, far from snow and ice!

Andreas has been very busy on some really nice big pieces, here comes a few of them,

Andreas at work on a japanese back-piece!

 Some nice script by Andreas, Smile Now, Cry Later...
 First session on a traditional japanese piece, by Andreas
 Dragon-koi sleeve, by Andreas
 Mattias legs, by Andreas

A cool full-sleeve, Fudo Moyo's sword with a dragon wrapping around it, in progress by Andreas

Elin has also been busy since she came back from the travels, painting and tattooing!
She is in the process of doing a series of paintings in ink, graphic designs!
Prints will soon be avaiable for sale!  check out for more info or call the shop at 0413-21360

Elins paintings!

...and some new tattoos from Elin!

For more updates..please check our facebook page, Tattooworld Höör

We will also be attending and working at Harley Davidson ProBike Helsingborg 24-25 March for the spring meeting!  If you are near that area, drop in and say hello to us and check out some cool bikes!   See you there!

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