fredag 21 oktober 2011

Our own happy Elin in the clients-chair!

Today it was time for Elin to change her seat into the clients-chair!
Happy as always, the tattoo went easy and beautiful,
Alex did a really nice butterfly with cherry-blossoms in the background!
Not only a beautiful design, but it also has a symbolic value in Japan,
The butterfly is a common design to express freedom,
the cherry-blossoms are japans most loved flower and is the symbol for love and sensitiveness,
they just bloom for a week and is therefore a reminder of that all beauty in life can be very short and intense!   They suit Elin very well..both design-wise and symbolic!

Elin getting tattooed by Alex!

Getting there....

Done for today!  This was just a short session, Colours next time!
Stay tuned!

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